Some of the projects and services of The Employers Council are outlined below.
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Human Resources Services & Research

Unique issues and situations pertaining to the employment environment may not be addressed in routine information services. The Employers Council stands by to assist in such matters. We may not have immediate solutions, but we’ll readily conduct the necessary research for the member organization and develop appropriate answers on a timely basis. Brief inquiries are without charge to member organizations.



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Performance Management Program

The Performance Management Program is training to establish standards and expectations for every member of the organization, but more importantly it requires the development of performance plans and skills to meet those expectations.



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Wage, Salary, Benefits & Metrics Surveys

The Employers Council designs, manages and periodically conducts extensive surveys to sample the wages, salaries, benefits and metrics (benchmarks) in effect among organizations on Guam and the Western Pacific. Our members have the opportunity to suggest components and questions to be used in the survey projects.



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Pay Structures & The Performance/Pay Matrix

The Employers Council assists in developing base compensation structures and pay plans geared to the labor markets to facilitate equitable remuneration employees. Performance /pay procedures prescribe pay increases at specified times for given performance ratings and current pay levels for effective payroll budgets.



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HR Manuals & Employee Handbooks

The Council assists in composing HR policies and procedures including the development of the organization’s Human Resources Manual. Further assistance is offered in developing the companion Employee Handbook which is typically a synopsis of the HR Manual and serves as a reference for non-supervisory employees.



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Employee Values Measurement

Employee surveys are useful tools for assessing the state of an organization and can provide valuable information for strategic decision-making, the management of change, enhancing productivity and improving employees' quality of work life. The Employers Council will assist in planning and conduct such projects.



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Labor Relations

The Employers Council prefers not to engage in anti-union rhetoric on why unions are bad for business. Rather, we prefer to take the approach that proper management is good for business and employees alike. Unions and third-party interventions should not be necessary. And we strongly advocate the principles of “right to work”. However, The Council readily assists in confronting the mishap of union organizing campaigns and in supporting management with the collective bargaining process.



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Training & Education Programs

The Employers Council regularly sponsors and conducts workshops, seminars, special briefings and conferences designed to address members' immediate as well as future needs. We also assist in conducting analyses of training requirements to target specific training and development needs of individual organizations.



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Government Regulations

The Employers Council regularly monitors pending legislation and regulatory decisions pertaining to employment and the working environment. When appropriate and within the parameters of our status as a non-profit corporation, we lobby legislators, advise government agencies, provide testimony at public hearings, and otherwise promote points of view that will best serve the interests of our members. We provide our member organizations with information on legislative and regulatory developments accordingly, and keep them informed about the possible implications f or their organization. And as employment bills move through the legislative process, the Council strives to keep members informed of their status through special communications via email and fax.



And other projects and services as determined by the needs
and requirements of our member organizations!


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